Teknetics Delta Metal Detector

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal DetectorWelcome back to Metal Detector Reviews. Read on for our review of the Teknetics Delta 4000.

Product Features

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Up to 25 hours on one nine volt battery
  • 3 tone audio discrimination for easy identification
  • Accurate two-digit numerical target ID system

The Teknetics Delta is priced for the beginner, but designed and built for the experienced user. It operates with two modes, All Metals and Discrimination. As the name suggests, the All Metals mode will pick up anything and everything. If you want to get rid of the poptops, foil and other nuisances, switch over to Discrimination, where you can tell it to either ignore or find certain metals and shapes.

The Delta also offers three tone audio discrimination to help you differentiate between metals. The battery life indicator can save you some pain. Nothing like getting out there only to find you’ve got a battery bordering on death.

Weighing in at just 4.2 pounds and measuring 11.2 x 6.5 x 40 inches, the Teknetics Delta is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s got an 8-inch open-face coil system and it’s operating frequency is 7.8 kHz.
You are getting a well built machine for the money.

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