Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

Teknetics T2 Metal DetectorWelcome to Metal Detector Reviews. This is our review of the Teknetics T2 Metal Detector.

Product Features

  • Finds coins at up to 15 inches deep
  • Large LCD screen with target identification display
  • Light Weight
  • Magnetic mineralization bar graph read out for detecting specific metals

The Teknetics T2 offers a well balanced system, strong enough to pick up objects more than a foot down and including a large LCD screen with easy target identification. The T2 is lightweight, weighing in at about 6.2 pounds with size listed at 11.2 x 6.5 x 40 inches. The 11″ coil is a standard feature and is waterproof and open-frame, bi-axial search. You will find the Teknetics T2 comfortable and simple to use. It runs on 4 double A batteries that will give up to 40 hours of searching. With it’s state of the art technology, the Teknetics T2 will give you years of treasure hunting pleasure.

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